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How Funds Capitalize on the GenAI Revolution in Ways Other Funds Can't 

As fund managers awaken to the new realities of GenAI, many are incorporating the game-changing tech in similar ways — for now.  How do you use GenAI in ways that other firms can't?   Verity's vision for the future goes beyond mere productivity ...


The Problem: GenAI Is Fast Becoming a Commodity

Currently, generative AI is being used by firms in common ways: to offload basic tasks and grunt work. While good for operational efficiency, the promise of GenAI goes far beyond this basic use case.

Many funds, however, are not-equipped to take advantage of the opportunities ...


The Promise: GenAI-Powered Insights From Your Firm's Proprietary Research

How has your firm's attitude toward a company changed over time? What is the most important thing for me to know today?  These are the kinds of questions that a PM or analyst can query AI in the future. 

But it's not possible if research is scattered among emails and shared drives ...


The Solution: Prepare Now by Centralizing Your Research With a Modern RMS

To capture the promise of GenAI and leverage it for insights on your firm's proprietary research, your crown jewels, you must first centralize your research content. Only then will GenAI be able to fetch insights unique to your investment team, your philosophies, and your priorities. 

Being positioned for GenAI is one of many benefits of a modern RMS ...

Get your VerityRMS demo for insights into the present and future of research management. 

"Our GenAI vision with VerityRMS? Empower portfolio managers & analysts to interact with their firm's proprietary research for insights no other firm has."

Katya Taycher, SVP Product, Verity

Have Questions About Harnessing GenAI? An FAQ

It doesn't seem like ChatGPT and other similar tools are mature enough for my firm to take advantage of them yet. Am I wrong?

Yes and no. Off-the-shelf generative AI solutions like ChatGPT have weaknesses, such as hallucinations (making things up) and inaccuracy that should make firm's wary of general, unregulated use by investment teams.

However, at Verity, we're being very deliberate and cautious to mitigate existing weakness and play to the current strengths of GenAI — as any vended GenAI solution should.


Shouldn't I be concerned about my firm's data being used to inform genAI models? Essentially becoming public?

If you are using the public versions of ChatGPT or other solutions, then yes, your information is being used to inform the LLM model and could be available publicly.

If you are using ChatGPT via the OpenAI API, as Verity does, then no. Our operating model is such that each customer can secure and safeguard their firm's intellectual property.

We achieve this by giving each customer their own instance of the RMS which can be connected via OpenAI's API — which gives you control over whether your information is used to inform the model. 

There's no way my firm could disrupt our current process to adopt an RMS. What's involved?

Migrating to an RMS can seem daunting, but it isn't.

At Verity, we partner with your team and execute 100%. You only need to send a single communication requesting your data from your current provider or the appropriate team member (IT, ops, etc.). We do the rest.

This process is coordinated with your internal technology teams while your investment teams keep working uninterrupted.

Learn more [MR add hyperlink to PDF,]

What does it cost?

Depends. VerityRMS is licensed by the number of users in the platform. If you're interested in more information, please submit a pricing request. [MR add link]

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Get Ready for the Future of Investment Research

Find out how we're helping leading asset managers pioneer the new era for genAI-enhanced investment research.

Get your VerityRMS demo to see how you can: 

  • Enhance conviction and accelerate investment workflows.
  • Centralize, contextualize, and secure all your firm’s research.
  • Simplify compliance and reporting out-of-the-box.
  • Prepare for GenAI while taking advantage of productivity gains available now. 

"VerityRMS is a game-changer. The AI innovations are speeding our workflows. "

Trey Snow, Director of Research, The London Company

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